About Us

At Agora Strategic Consulting we don’t just believe in value growth, we believe in value multiplication. Our time tested, values led, approach is informed by over 80 years of M&A buyer experience. Our Strategic Advisors, all experienced business leaders, bring the buyer perspective front and center into the M&A preparation process to ensure you walk away with an understanding of what you have today, clarity on what you want for the future, and a clear plan to get you exit-ready.

Our Vision

We help Business Leaders Beat the Odds

Business owners leave the M&A process unsatisfied and disheartened. With the staggering odds against successfully closing a business sale, we envision a world where sellers think like buyers. Where sellers have clarity on what they have and what they want, and where sellers achieve the outcomes they dream about.

Our Mission

To come alongside business owners

To come alongside business owners and help them truly understand how to achieve a successful business transition, one that not only provides the maximum monetary value, but also one that leaves all stakeholders with a great sense of peace that they made the right decisions. Our system brings clarity and guidance to the process of becoming ‘exit and investment ready.’

Our Team

Our team of Strategic Advisors embodies a values based philosophy and brings personal heart and care to every client engagement.  Coupling our deep and strong industry relationships with our collective professional experience of leading businesses, big and small, we set ourselves apart from other firms that offer exit planning services.  By embodying the buyers perspective in all we do, we don’t just deliver value growth, we deliver value multiplication.  We sure hope you’ll chat with us and learn more about what we’ve created and how we can best serve you.

Garry Krum

Founder & Chairman

With over 42 years of M&A 'buy-side' experience, Garry knew there had to be a better way to approach selling a business. His time-tested methods became the backbone of Agora's method and process.

Aaron Stevens

President & Sr. Strategic Advisor

Aaron brings 25+ years of corporate business experience, most recently as a VP at the global brand OtterBox, to help his clients gain perspective and clarity on how to achieve maximum exit success.

Josh Schuler

VP Marketing & Sr. Strategic Advisor

Josh is a seasoned entrepreneurial corporate and market strategist who expertly couples his passion for helping people with a keen eye for organizational value identification and maximization.

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Network of Trusted Advisors

Our extended advisor network ensures we bring expertise to the table regardless of business, industry, or transaction type

Jason Walker

Sr. Strategic Advisor

Jason brings a wealth of experience as a business leader with a track record of leading organizations large and small, and brings passion to helping his clients achieve successful business transitions.

Mark Herndon

Sr. Strategic Advisor

Mark is a noted author and thought leader in the world of M&A. Mark brings a vast experience encompassing leadership in transaction advisory, global consulting, and operational roles in nearly 80 M&A transactions

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Amazing team members

Doing amazing job everyday