Our Services

M&A Bootcamp E-Course

  • A 10-part online video series, available for purchase, to educate business owners and leaders about the basics of exit and investment readiness, complete with insights and best practices gained from our team’s 80+ years of experience.
  • Coming Soon!

Investment & Exit Readiness Webinars

  • Join an upcoming session to learn about topics including, but not limited to:
      • Overview of the M&A Process
      • Understanding Business Valuations
      • What to Expect in Due Diligence
      • When’s the Best Time to Sell?
      • What does a Healthy and Attractive Business Look Like?
      • How do I Attract my Ideal Investor?

Facilitated Workshops

  • Typically two days on-site or virtual
  • Workshops Available:
    • Vision Crafting & Exit Strategy
    • Enterprise Value Assessment
    • Strategic Positioning
    • Succession Planning
    • Thinking Like a Buyer
    • And more!
  • Custom configured to meet your unique business needs

Advisory Services

  • Tailored solutions
  • Engagement with Agora’s extended advisory community
  • Hands on approac
  • Not just another consultant engagement, our advisors have led businesses large and small, and bring real-world insights and experience to the forefront
  • Gain clarity and confidence on what you want, what you have, and how to best position for success