Hi, We’re Agora, Nice to Meet You

In our first video blog post, Aaron, the President of Agora, and Garry, the founder and chairman, introduce themselves and share their passion for helping business owners prepare for successful exits or investment events.

Agora specializes in making businesses ‘exit-ready,’ ensuring that when it’s time to sell or seek outside investors, the business owner is well-prepared and positioned for the best possible outcome. Aaron and Garry discuss the importance of understanding a business’s value, enhancing that value, and strategically positioning it in the marketplace. They emphasize that it’s not just about selling a business, but about finding the right buyer who understands and appreciates its true worth.

With decades of experience in M&A and business development, Aaron and Garry bring a wealth of knowledge to Agora. Their approach is highly personalized, starting with understanding the business owner’s goals and assessing the current state of the business. This allows them to create a tailored strategy that aligns with the owner’s personal and professional aspirations.

Throughout the video, Aaron and Garry share their journey and the impact Agora has had on many businesses. Their dedication to ensuring a smooth and successful transition for business owners is evident, and they invite viewers to learn more about how Agora can assist in this critical phase.

Join us as we explore the strategies and insights that make Agora a trusted partner in preparing businesses for a successful future.

Watch the video to gain deeper insights from Aaron and Garry on how Agora can support your business in achieving a successful and rewarding exit.

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