Being ‘exit ready’ means your business is prepared to be sold or transitioned to new ownership at any time, maximizing its value and ensuring a smooth handover.  It involves understanding your business’s worth, aligning ti with your personal values and goals, and strategically positioning it in the market.
There really isn’t any downside to starting right away, but we do recommend starting the exit planning process at least 3 to 5 years before you intend to transition out of your business.  Early preparation allows for strategic improvements and positioning that can significantly enhance the value of your business and provide you the maximum number of options.  Furthermore, many business owners are faced with unforeseen circumstances that might accelerate the timeline, so putting meaningful thought into your plan, as early as possible, is the safest way to ensure future success.
The key steps include a thorough exploration of potential options, an assessment of your current business valuation, defining your personal and business goals, improving business processes and financial performance, and strategically positioning your business to attract the right type of buyer.

Our time-tested assessment process is designed to provide directional guidance on what you might expect to see if you were to bring your business to market.  Our process involves a detailed analysis of your financial records, market position, competitive advantage, leadership capabilities, and future earning potential.  In collaboration with reputable M&A banking experts, we use industry-standard methods, tailored to your specific business, to provide a realistic and comprehensive assessment of the health of your business.

It’s important to first begin with a thorough understanding of what strategic options would best meet your personal and business needs.  From there, focusing on operational efficiency, diversifying your customer base, strengthening your management and leadership teams, and solidifying your key customer and vendor relationships are a few of the many ways you can enhance enterprise value.   Agora’s time-tested processes can guide you in identifying and implementing these strategies.
Common challenges include identifying the right time to sell, understanding the true value of the business (including what is adding value, and what is detracting from the value), emotional attachment to the company, and finding the right and qualified buyers.  Agora helps navigate these challenges with expert guidance and strategic planning.
We begin by understanding your long-term personal and financial goals.  Based on this, we craft a customized Success Factor Grid that aligns with these goals, ensuring that the exit not only benefits you financially but also meets your personal, family, and business objectives.
Yes, absolutely!  Though we do not typically provide investment banking services for the transaction itself, we do provide comprehensive support and guidance during the process of exit preparation.  We partner with multiple trusted industry leaders and take great joy in helping connect business owners with your partner network to help you build your core transaction team.   Selling your business is truly a team sport!
Agora specializes  in making businesses ‘exit ready,’ with a proactive approach that integrates personal values and goals alignment, a thorough business assessment, strategic business positioning, an detailed market insights.  Our team is comprised of advisors who have bought businesses before, thus allowing us to share insights of how buyers think.  Furthermore, we have led large and complex businesses before, so we intimately understand the time and focus challenges most face when implementing strategic plans.
To get started, contact us for a free consultation!  During this initial meeting, we will discuss your personal and business objectives and outline how Agora can help with the process.  Our low-pressure, education-first, approach means that we put your needs front and center and will transparently share feedback on the unique needs of your business.